Saturday, July 4, 2009

Preschool, Daddy the Firefighter and a Wedding

Well, it was a fairly busy month here in the Northweather household. First big story on the list is Ethan started preschool (ok, it was summer Parents Day Out, but it got him prepped for real preschool in August!) I was pretty scared for his reaction, but he was a champ. He was mad that I moved his playdough cap and that was the big drama of the first day!
Here he is eating his breakfast before school. His attention is on Go Diego, Go.
Standing in front of church/school. He was wearing his backpack; he thought he was pretty awesome.
And here he is at his assigned chair. There is the infamous playdough that I misplaced the cap on and about threw him into a tizzy. Looking at this, I just can't believe how he has grown.

This is just a random pic thrown in from a Sam's Club visit with my friend, Betsy and her kids. Those shopping carts are big enough to fit three small children, and with the meat display in the back, it's a priceless pic.
Another big thing that happened was Johnathan going to Firefighter school in Texas for Bayer. He is an official Fire Brigade dude, which means he's the guy that has to go back INTO the explosion instead of running out like a cougar (as I would do.) Makes me very nervous, but he wanted to do it!
Ethan pimpin' John's fire outfit. The helmet, very heavy. I think it was bending his neck.
Ok, this looks like a pic out of horror movie. Really, it's just John in his gear and that reflective crap took over the pic!
Ethan and his "girlfriend" Kennedy at her 4th birthday party. He likes the tall gals. They are soaked because a huge rainstorm came through and it was an outdoor party. Perfect recipe for kids to act a fool and play in the rain.

And finally, Melissa and Rusty's wedding. Great time, too much wine, and Lacy actin' a fool. Hard to believe. The wedding was at the Villas of Kansas City, which was a beautiful place to have a wedding!
The B's and I before the wedding. Did I add it was 300 degrees outside and our makeup was melting off our faces?

Longhorn and Ex-Longhorn girls posing pretty. Again, hair falling and makeup melting off. At least by this time, we all had drinks.
Bree and I. Love cleavage shots.

I mean, really, how cute are these two? It's pretty scary when someone makes John look small, but McNally indeed does.

John and I. He absolutely loves taking pictures (and by love, I mean loathe.) His eyes ALWAYS close when he smiles in a picture. It's a phenomenon I can't quite figure out.

The freshly married couple. I LOVE wedding pics paired with bubbles.

The face I make when it's probably time to take the glass of wine out of my hand. But, it was a really fun night and one of the few occasions you'll see me step out in a dress. Gotta love weddings and booze!