Thursday, March 25, 2010

Remix to Ignition-Part 1

I just read my last blog to see where I left off. It was in JULY! Whew. Do you know how much can happen to a person in nine months? This is why I should have kept up, but I didn't so you get the cliff notes of my life in the past nine months. Stay with me on this, I'm gonna break this up into a few different blogs (because I hate moving pictures so far down the page when arranging the blog!)

Ethan and preschool-he started the actual preschool and the very first day, he told the teacher the butterfly book she was reading to the class was stupid (1st thinking chair moment,) started running up and down the hall because he was bored (2nd thinking chair moment,) and MIGHT have started a fight out on the playground (yet a 3rd thinking chair moment. Glad I paid for 2.5 hours of time outs!) Wow, do I have a great 13 years of education to look forward to. He didn't even last a month, because I was not going to drop 100 bucks a month for my child to hate me and life. That's what public education is for. He is required to go there, and I'm not shelling out Benjamins :-)

This picture right here should have told me what kind of day it was going to be. He wouldn't even make eye contact with me!

Ok, so Ethan's a preschool dropout-next! Halloween! This year, Ethan was Aladar from the movie Dinosaur and it was the coolest costume I've ever seen. I found it at a thrift store in Independence for 8 dollars, and got online to find out it was selling for upwards of 60 to 80 dollars USED! Man, I love a good find at a thrift store!

The mighty...ok, I don't know what kind of dinosaur he was, but he was mighty!

Posed next to his pumpkin that daddy carved for him this year, ready to go out and load up on his favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner-CANDY!

His trick-or-treating partner in crime, Ratatoulle (aka Kennedy.) What better match than a rat and a dinosaur?

Ratatoulle and Aladar in action!

He also moonlighted as Bumblee from Transformers for the playgroup Halloween party because I didn't feel like getting him dressed up in 50 lbs of costume, plu s I had already bought Bumblebee before I found Aladar.

Ok, next up-I turned 30!!!!
I had a great time and am so fortunate to have the group of friends that I do, and my sis even showed up for this occasion of me turning old! I am only really aware of the very first of the evening, after that, things got a LITTLE fuzzy!

Cari, me (yes, that is was supposed to be "streaks" it turned into blonde top :-), Bree, Court, and Brie. We started the evening at Houlihans, fabulous food!

Me and sis, Cari. Yep, we have the same mother AND father. We answer that question at least 3 times when we are out together.

Me and the hubs, in one of his rare smile shots!

The group grows larger at Brass Rail! All the ladies in the house!

And we finish at the Pub House, where my reserved husband is singing and dancing. This picture shall never be lost!!

My grandma turned 83 in November, as well. We ate at Ryan's steakhouse (SUCKED) but it was a good time anyway, because her favorite grand kid, Ethan, was there :-)

Thanksgiving we made the trip to Arkansas to see all of John's relatives and had a great time catching up with everyone. It was nice to for Ethan to get to see all his grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins he isn't around very often!

Ethan and cousin Corbin. They are literally a few months apart in age and get along so good that it makes me wish they lived closer together. Here we caught them for a moment playing guns (yes, I know my son has a bat, but he also has a vivid imagination!)

Great-granny Pat and two of her younger great-grandkids.

Grandma Carolyn and Grandpa Jesse.

Grandpa Freelan and Grandma Stella.

And of course, Grandma and Grandpa Northweather. If there is one thing this kid will never run low on, it's grandparents! Not a bad thing by any means!

Ok, I'm stopping here. I'll cover Christmas through present on Part 2. And then, I will vow once again to update once a month instead of twice a year!