Thursday, May 21, 2009

OG Playgroup and Parks!

Well, it's nice to actually have something to blog about, with pictures, no less! I've been trying to shed my "stay in the house all day like a vampire" and get out and enjoy the nice weather. Ethan has been very happy with this switch. We did venture to Penguin Park a couple of weeks ago. While Ethan had a blast running all over the place, I got stuck talking to a woman who wanted to tell me her WHOLE life story. Do I have "Psychologist" written on my forehead that I'm not aware of? Anyhoo, here's some pics from that "adventure.

Ethan posing with the elephants. He was a little bit hesitant to climb up there, but he held the dudes ears for dear life!

Little onry Ethan. He just looks like he's about to do something bad. Fortunately, he didn't. Perhaps it was because he knew I was watching.

I love this picture because it is one of the few natural pics my son gives nowadays. Usually, you tell him to smile and he yells cheese, looks darn silly, and is typically looking away. Great way to get a good shot. Of course, I had to catch the good pic of him "behind bars' because genius mom told him, "act like your in jail!"

The wobble bridge. Very reluctant at first, but as long as I kept my fat butt off of it and shook him like an earthquake, he liked it!

And the germabus. How many kids have had their dirty paws on that steering wheel, coughed on it, or sneezed on it? I'm surprised I didn't have my antibacterial wipes carrying them around, but I will say, I sprayed him practically from head to toe with antibacterial spray when we got in the car!

Yesterday, we got to meet with the whole playgroup (Minus Emily, Mallory and Chloes :-( at City Park in Liberty. The kids were beside themselves seeing everyone again! I'm surprised Ethan didn't run into a wall at the house when I told him we were gonna see his playgroup friends, because he was running around like a MANIAC! On with the pictures!

Here is the OG gang (plus Luke, who was a second born, but real close in age to his bro) From L to R: Lucy, Luke, Preston, Zac, Oliver, and Ethan.

And here are the first boys in the group. Man, how they have changed since all of them were crawling 2 years ago!

I love this pic because I told the boys to smile, but instead they looked at each other to see if the other one was smiling. Silly preschoolers!

The picnic luncheon L to R if you can follow my lead: Nanthida (mom) Zoe, Lucy, Luke, Zac, Melana (mom) Ethan, Oliver and Preston. Now, see if you can match names with faces!

Ethan, Oliver and Lucy on the wobble bridge. No adults to knock them off. Takes away from the fun.

This pic looks like it should be in a baby magazine. I also just saw a pic of Hallie Barry and her lil baby in this exact same pose on MSN (but this one is much cuter) Zoe and Nanthida.

Introducing the newest members of the clan, Milo. He is Oliver's brother and an absolute dead ringer of Oliver!

Me pushing Ethan and Lucy on the swingset. In the background on the right is a bratty little girl that was trying to gank swingsets from the little ones. I had to set her straight.

One more group pic. These kids have grown so much over the past 2 years (3 for Ethan, Zac and Mallory (not pictured) It is so true when people tell you even in the most hectic of moments with your kid in the grocery store "treasure these moments, because they will be grown and gone before you know it. They are right.

And, I'm very happy to report that Ethan got used to his new big boy bed and sleeps in there everynight. We do have the occasional wondering into our room, but he's pretty easy to walk back to his room and cover him up (mostly because I think he is sleep walking, and trait from his dad.) This is Ethan and Great-Grandma Maxine who bought the bed for Ethan. Thank you Grandma! If it would have been left up to me, he would have been sleeping in his toddler car bed until college!

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  1. Yay! for updates! Love all the pics. Thanks for posting, then sending. I stole some for my blog. Hope you don't mind. Are you still hurting from your "blasty, blast" bachelorette party? Looks like you had a ton of fun. I think I'm getting old.